Much of the output presented here is widely influenced by an interaction with fine arts, specifically through music, film and graphic content. As any musician will tell you in this modern world, you have to wear many hats if you expect to see your ideas come to life, so it’s second nature to switch gears in the creative process, picking up crumbs of influence along the way that will undoubtedly surface in some unexpected context in the future.

Presented within these digital walls is a collection of work I’ve found myself involved with over the years and some ideas that are still percolating yet to be brought to life. Some things take longer than others and some things will stay in the notebook. Within larger organizations the term Creative Director only means that largely the ship is going the way you’d prefer it to and you had something to do with the style and aesthetic of what it is. That is not to say those who have helped me in these pursuits are any less appreciated or that my instruction wasn’t influenced by them. I am nothing if not a sponge for who and what surrounds me. This site is only a place to sum up as much of my messy career as I can. Writing about yourself is silly, so let’s move on.

XOXO- Jason